Crime Scene Cleanup​

      At Spotless Crime Clean we take our job very seriously.  We are so much more than a simple cleaning company, we are trained to ensure that all dangerous and severe scenes are properly cleaned, and all biohazard materials are completely removed. We focus on attention to detail as well as the safety and well being of our clients.

     Crime Scenes, once released by the police, are often times a bigger mess than when they started. There will more than likely be many people coming in and out of the home, potentially cross contaminating the scene.  The police will need to dust for fingerprints and EMTs will need to perform life saving measures on the victim’s body, as well.  After the victim has been declared dead, the mortuary staff will come in to remove the body.

These actions will cause the scene to become disheveled and unclean, which only puts more trauma onto the loved ones who have more traumatic visuals to deal with.  Spotless Crime Clean will come behind the public safety personnel and work diligently to make the scene clear of any evidence that a crime was even committed at the location, so things can return to normal as fast as possible. From homicide to suicide cleanup, we have helped on various cases throughout our time in the bio-hazard industry. Please trust us to clean the scene so that we are able to assist you in the healing process by removing the visual trauma of what occurred.

     To discuss how we can help you with your Crime Scene situation, please contact us by clicking "Service Request" below, fill out the form, and submit or you can reach us 24/7 by phone at 254-479-9662 or 254-479-9663.

(254) 479-9662 or (254) 479-9663

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