Texas Crime Victims’ Compensation


What is it?

The Texas Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund is a financial assistance program that assists eligible victims with certain expenses that are related to a crime.  The fund is administered by the Office of the Attorney General.  The program is funded by court costs paid by criminals in Texas and deposited into the Texas Crime Victims' Compensation Fund.


What does it cover?

Crime scene cleanup is covered by the Texas Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund. 

Crimes covered by the Texas Crime Victims’ Compensation Program may cover sexual assault, kidnapping, robbery, assault, homicide and other violent crimes. 


What amount of assistance can I receive?

Claims under the Texas Crime Victims' Compensation Fund for crime scene clean up may be approved for benefits up to a total of $2,250.00.  If you are in need of crime scene clean up services, you may apply for financial assistance through the Texas Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund.  Depending on the magnitude of the cleanup,  


How do I apply?

A professional staff member of the Texas Crime Victims’ Compensation Division can be reached at:



Who does it cover?

-An innocent victim of crime who suffers substantial threat of physical and/or emotional harm or death;

      -A dependent of a victim;

-An authorized individual acting on behalf of a victim

-An intervenor who goes to the aid of a victim or peace officer;

-A person who legally assumes the obligations or voluntarily pays certain expenses related to the crime on behalf of the victim;

-Immediate family or household members related by blood or marriage who require counseling as a result of the crime;

-A peace officer, fire fighter or individual who has a duty to protect the public and who is injured in a crime.


Helpful Contact Information for victims and family members:


Toll free:  1-800-983-9933