Infectious Disease Cleanup​

Common infectious diseases you hear about;

  • Flu

  • Common cold

  • Herpes (cold sores)

  • Bird Flu

  • H1N1

  • Hepatitis

  • Norwalk Virus

  • Respiratory Diseases

  • HIV

  • Tuberculosis

     Infectious Disease cleanup services start with Spotless Crime Clean.  Infectious Diseases are everywhere. It appears every time you turn on the TV you see reports of some epidemic. As the world grows and new diseases and illnesses hit the population the problem will only get worse. For example, you go to work every day in an office building that has a ventilation system that sucks in that airborne illness and re-circulates it to some extent all over the building.

     Also known as transmissible diseases or communicable diseases, comprise clinically evident illness (i.e., characteristic medical signs and/or symptoms of disease) resulting from the infection, presence and growth of pathogenic biological agents in an individual host organism. In certain cases, infectious diseases may be asymptomatic for much or even all of their course in a given host. In the latter case, the disease may only be defined as a “disease” (which by definition means an illness) in hosts who secondarily become ill after contact with an asymptomatic carrier. An infection is not synonymous with an infectious disease, as some infections do not cause illness in a host.​

     You touch that doorknob that 100 people have already touched today but thousands or perhaps millions have touched it before you, and how many those didn’t wash their hands after using the restroom?  How about someone sneezing into their hand and then touching a shopping cart at the grocery store or shaking your hand?  Infectious diseases are everywhere.

     The best way to fight for your health and if you are an employer, keep your valuable staff safe and healthy is to properly sanitize the work environment on a regular basis, but definitely when there is an outbreak among the staff.

     If you have an outbreak at home, work or just about anywhere and want to lessen the chances of a further spread of infectious diseases we are your solution to clean your environment.

     To discuss how we can help you with your Infectious Disease situation, please contact us by clicking "Service Request" below, fill out the form, and submit or you can reach us 24/7 by phone at 254-479-9662 or 254-479-9663.

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