Our first priority is to assist families, property owners, and business owners who require our services. We truly care for our customers and will treat them with compassion and respect and we will be by your side even following the cleanup. If paying with insurance, our standard service includes full detailed documentation and photographs. We will even work directly with your insurance company if you prefer.
     Due to so many different variables, we cannot give an estimate without being at the scene, so we are not able to provide phone estimates without doing a proper FREE assessment.

     Pricing factors can include: the number of rooms affected (including pathways used by body transporters or law enforcement), level of structural damage (floors, sub-flooring, wall surfaces, cabinetry), length of time left unattended, additional complications such as hoarding, machinery, or large amounts of personal property such as furniture and clothing. For residential customers, if you are paying with insurance, your carrier may not cover the costs of personal property so we will provide a separate estimate for cleaning and/or removal.If no residential coverage, the Texas Crime Victims Compensation Program could possibly assist and pay for our services.

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