Why you shouldn't clean up after a death yourself.

Can you imagine the unthinkable happening, a family member dies in your home which results in a hazardous bloody mess? And then it gets worse. The local police department doesn’t have the resources to assist you in cleaning and putting your home back together. Your home is now possibly contaminated with biological hazards carried in blood and bodily fluids. Your whole family is now not only traumatized by the scene, but is also at risk for inhaling bloodborne pathogens that are microscopic and floating in the air or harboring on hard surfaces. These pathogens include, but are not limited to, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Did you know that hepatitis can survive in a deceased person for up to 16 days after death, depending on the temperature and surrounding environment? A person’s first thought might be to take out the bleach and start cleaning. What they don’t realize is that the blood and bodily fluids have seeped deep into the flooring, all the way to the foundation. The blood and bodily fluids also absorb into the walls and if not cleaned properly, will begin smelling in time. A blood indicator is not a common household item within easy access that can be sprayed on the scene to indicate presence of blood not seen by the naked eye. Fortunately, many people go a lifetime without having to experience the smell of a dead or decomposing body. It is a smell that is not easily forgotten. The stench not only takes over the home, but infiltrates the neighbor’s homes as well as the environment.

Our company Spotless Crime Clean, LLC strives to not only return a scene back to its original state but also to take as much trauma away from the families or those involved in the incident. We are trained to use the latest and best equipment and cleaning supplies to rid a scene from bloodborne pathogens, diseases, smell, and visual. We abide by all OSHA standards and properly dispose of the biological hazards from the scene. We work discreetly and confidentially for those that need our service. We service many different situations. Suicides, homicides, traumatic accidents, and human decompositions. Home owners and renter’s insurance covers most of our services. To take stress and trauma off of the family we are happy to contact the insurance company and deal with them directly. We take pride in being a retired military veteran and spouse. Just as we take pride in serving our country, we take great pride in servicing our community. Please go to our website below for further information.

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