The Personal Effects

When approaching a crime scene that requires clean up, there are many layers to the job. Of course our main purpose is to remove all dangerous bio-hazards and make the area safe for someone to return to. Whether it is a home or a public place, our job is to take the scene back to its original state. What most people don’t realize is that there are other very important issues that need to be addressed after the scene is cleaned. A very important concern is the psychological well being of the person(s) affected by the crime scene or suicide. Walking into a crime scene or a suicide scene is something none of us think that we will ever have to endure. Whether it is your first time witnessing or if it is your 50th , it is still emotionally disturbing. We as compassionate crime scene cleaners will never be able to take away all the pain that comes along with a death of a loved one, but we do strive to do everything possible to ease the pain and heartache that is felt. We strive to give our clients the first step towards healing in a positive manner. Having professional cleaners clean the scene helps the friends and family outsource their pain. It spares them from a job that no one (except for professionals like us) are prepared to do. Our first priority is to erase the visual effects of the scene. Just by simply removing the visuals allows the first step for healing. The victim’s family members are able to return to the home or even enter it for the first time without seeing the evidence of a death that occurred. We go into a job with no intentions of asking the details of what we are cleaning or what occurred. We do have some clients who seem to want to talk about what occurred and act as if they just need someone to listen. We take pride in the fact that we take the time to be compassionate to our clients and do everything in our power to make them feel more comfortable and assist in their healing. Sometimes that may be respecting their privacy and not discussing the job whatsoever or it may involve sitting quietly and just giving the grieving client an ear to listen. We take pride in the fact that we personally care about our clients and show empathy in small ways that big businesses usually don’t do. By making a simple follow up call the day following our cleaning to check and make sure the

job is still satisfactory and to check on the well-being of the client goes a very long way. We treat every client the way that we would like to be treated if we were in their unfortunate situation. There is no better feeling than seeing a glimpse of happiness in a grieving client’s eyes after we have assisted them

with a terrible tragedy.

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