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  • Many bio-hazard situations post grave health risks due to a high risk of potential exposure to blood borne pathogens which are not seen by the naked eye. Microscopic blood borne pathogens can get into air ducts, circulating potential diseases.

  • 1 out of every 24 people have Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or HIV. Hepatitis can survive in a deceased person for up to 16 days after death. 

  • Blood can seep through grout and in-between floorboards, even through sub flooring! The only way to clean the damage is to remove all affected materials. Simply installing new floors or wiping down the area will not remove biological matter that can contain disease, release odor or cause further damage.

  • Most insurance coveres our services, even suicides.

  • In cases of a crime, the state of Texas could cover our services. 

Our Services

Apartment Services
Apartment Services black-02-02.png

Apartment Services


Are you an apartment manager?  Have you ever had a call about a crime that has occurred in your complex?  Have you ever been contacted by the family of one of your tenants who hasn't been seen in a while, and you unfortunately discover their decomposing body?  Have you ever had to do a welfare check on a tenant after not receiving their rent check, and you unfortunately discover their dead body?

     Hundreds of people go in and out of an apartment complex every day.  Crimes, unattended deaths, suicides, and serious injuries occur every day and Spotless Crime Clean is here to help you through every step of the process. Check out a list of our services for more information.We understand that death or injuries are a sensitive subject so we perform our services as discreetly as possible and keep all information confidential.  Our apartment contract services are almost always covered by insurance and we can help you with the claims process if needed. 

     Bio-hazard cleaning must be done right and can lead to legal troubles under federal law if not handled appropriately.  We take pride in charging less than most national companies and make sure every detail of the cleanup process is done properly.

     To discuss how we can help you with your Apartment situation, please contact us by clicking "Service Request" below.


Having a Murder Cleanup is no doubt an unpleasant task.  Spotless Crime Clean is your local CTS Decon provider for murder cleanup. Our services are almost always covered by insurance so let the professionals take care of the cleaning process for you.

     There is no question a homicide (murder) is a horrible act and traumatic for those left behind to take care of the physical issues of the scene. Our OSHA compliant and trained staff know how to manage the cleaning and have the experience to provide compassion at the same time. Please note that we need to verify the scene is cleared by law enforcement before we can clean anything on the scene. If the scene has not been released by the police we will respond once we have been informed the scene is clear. This may take a few days or weeks but rest assured we will be there to clean as soon as the scene is released.

     To discuss how we can help you with your Homicide situation, please contact us by clicking "Service Request" below

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Homicide Clean up​

Homicide Clean up[
Bio-hazard Removal-02.png

BioHazard Removal

Spotless Crime Clean is a dedicated biohazard removal company that is locally owned and operated.  We are experienced professionals with years of experience handling biohazard removal, remediation, and specialized cleaning.

     OSHA describes biohazards as anything that contains ANY body fluid. Blood, semen, feces, urine, and vaginal secretions, from humans. Biohazards can also come from animals such as described in our animal cleanup section. Both federal and state law dictate how and when these potential hazards are to be cleaned and how those materials exposed or containing potential biohazards get disposed of. Improper disposal and or removal of biohazards by an employer or even the common citizen can lead to severe federal and state penalties in the form of fines or imprisonment under certain circumstances.  More importantly improper handling of biohazards can cause serious medical illnesses and fatal diseases.

     Why take the chance of possibly contracting or spreading diseases when your insurance will more than likely cover the cost for cleanup, removal, and disposal of biohazards?  

      To discuss how we can help you with your Biohazard removal, please contact us by clicking "Service Request" below


 Suicide cleanup often leads to a second traumatic event to the family or friend that attempt to clean up the scene. Suicide is a devastating event for family and friends and the cleanup should be handled by professionals to make sure it is done properly; our services are almost always covered by insurance.

     Depending on how the person took their life, the scene can be very messy and the last thing any family or friends should have to do is worry about cleaning up the deceased. Like our other areas of cleaning, blood borne pathogens need to be considered and the cleaning needs to be done right the first time to prevent the spread of diseases. A professional bio-hazard decontamination service should be consulted to do the job.

     Spotless Crime Clean is here for your suicide cleanup needs 24/7. We are compassionate and discreet.  If you find yourself in the position of a loved one committing suicide, cleaning the scene yourself should not be a consideration, please give us a call and we will be there to help you.

     To discuss how we can help you with your Suicide situation, please contact us by clicking "Service Request" below

Suicide Clean up-02.png

Suicide Cleanup


Spotless Crime Clean provides trauma blood cleanup in Central Texas and our services are almost always covered by your insurance. Any traumatic accident has the potential to be a lot of work once the victim has been taken care of. We not only clean scenes that have experienced death, but those with tragic circumstances of all natures. We work hard to remedy the situation as soon as we are called and will work hard to ensure that the situation is taken care of before the victim returns to the area where they were injured.  Having the area free of all memories for the victim is important to their recovery.

     To discuss how we can help you with your Traumatic Injury situation, please contact us by clicking "Service Request" below

Traumatic Injury Clean up-02.png

Traumatic Injury Cleanup​

Suicide Cleanup
Crime Scene Cleanup
Traumatic Injury Cleanup
Crime Scene clean up-02.png

Crime Scene Cleanup

At Spotless Crime Clean we take our job very seriously.  We are so much more than a simple cleaning company, we are trained to ensure that all dangerous and severe scenes are properly cleaned, and all biohazard materials are completely removed. We focus on attention to detail as well as the safety and well being of our clients.

     Crime Scenes, once released by the police, are often times a bigger mess than when they started. There will more than likely be many people coming in and out of the home, potentially cross contaminating the scene.  The police will need to dust for fingerprints and EMTs will need to perform life saving measures on the victim’s body, as well.  After the victim has been declared dead, the mortuary staff will come in to remove the body.

These actions will cause the scene to become disheveled and unclean, which only puts more trauma onto the loved ones who have more traumatic visuals to deal with.  Spotless Crime Clean will come behind the public safety personnel and work diligently to make the scene clear of any evidence that a crime was even committed at the location, so things can return to normal as fast as possible. From homicide to suicide cleanup, we have helped on various cases throughout our time in the bio-hazard industry. Please trust us to clean the scene so that we are able to assist you in the healing process by removing the visual trauma of what occurred.

     To discuss how we can help you with your Crime Scene situation, please contact us by clicking "Service Request" below

Hoarding Removal
Hoarding Removal-02.png

Hoarding Removal​


Hoarding is a relatively new type of mental disorder which has been brought to light by shows such as “Hoarding, Buried Alive”.  While it has been happening for years it wasn’t until recently that professionals recognized this as a mental disorder.

      People may say it’s just a mess why would we need a decontamination company. The answer to that is simple; you may not need a decontamination company if the job is just trash but once you start finding feces, dead animals, and rodent droppings then it becomes a bio-hazard situation. Rodent droppings and bird droppings can kill people via the Hantavirus (HPS).

We work alongside counties and social services as well as insurance companies to provide the most efficient means of handling a hoarding situation.

     Hoarding cleanup is handled a little different from our other services regarding pricing. Many times, the job calls for removal of items versus a decontamination of the house. In order for us to begin pricing out the home for hoarding cleanup we must come to the home and estimate the number of items to be removed and the manpower involved to do the work. We will come to the home to give you an estimate free of charge. 

     We strongly recommend that family and friends work together with the homeowner and a mental health expert to ensure the home is cleaned with as few issues as possible. Remember, hoarding is often a sign of a mental illness and without the homeowner being wanting help the job is nearly impossible to perform. We will only provide hoarding clean up with a ready and willing homeowner or under a court/city order to do the work without the homeowners’ permission.

     Many times, the people who hoard know they have a problem and want help but are too embarrassed to ask for it, so they suffer in silence. Besides the filth problems people trapped in hoarding situations suffer from; often times they have other medical conditions that can be serious or exacerbated by the filth all around them. Spotless Crime Clean provides discreet consultations and will provide a discreet cleanup. Our services are confidential and your name is never sold or used in any publication.

We do not do a thorough cleaning of the property after all the biohazard and hoarding items have been cleared out.  We are happy to recommend a local cleaning company to come in when the property is empty to perform a thorough, deep clean.

     To discuss how we can help you with your Hoarding situation, please contact us by clicking "Service Request" below


 Infectious Disease cleanup services start with Spotless Crime Clean.  Infectious Diseases are everywhere. It appears every time you turn on the TV you see reports of some epidemic. As the world grows and new diseases and illnesses hit the population the problem will only get worse. For example, you go to work every day in an office building that has a ventilation system that sucks in that airborne illness and re-circulates it to some extent all over the building.

     Also known as transmissible diseases or communicable diseases, comprise clinically evident illness (i.e., characteristic medical signs and/or symptoms of disease) resulting from the infection, presence and growth of pathogenic biological agents in an individual host organism. In certain cases, infectious diseases may be asymptomatic for much or even all of their course in a given host. In the latter case, the disease may only be defined as a “disease” (which by definition means an illness) in hosts who secondarily become ill after contact with an asymptomatic carrier. An infection is not synonymous with an infectious disease, as some infections do not cause illness in a host.​

     You touch that doorknob that 100 people have already touched today but thousands or perhaps millions have touched it before you, and how many those didn’t wash their hands after using the restroom?  How about someone sneezing into their hand and then touching a shopping cart at the grocery store or shaking your hand?  Infectious diseases are everywhere.

     The best way to fight for your health and if you are an employer, keep your valuable staff safe and healthy is to properly sanitize the work environment on a regular basis, but definitely when there is an outbreak among the staff.

     If you have an outbreak at home, work or just about anywhere and want to lessen the chances of a further spread of infectious diseases we are your solution to clean your environment.

Infecious Disease Removal-02.png

Infectious Desease Cleanup

Infectious Disease Cleanup
Decomposition Cleanup
Decomposition Cleanup-02.png

Decomposition Cleanup​

Unattended death cleanup, also known as body decomposition cleanup, is much more common than most people realize. The moment an individual dies, the body immediately begins to decompose. The decomposition process is much faster in hot or humid environments.  Bodies found in this state can be difficult for loved ones to handle, as the remains act as an unpleasant reminder of the passing. Fortunately, the professionals at Spotless Crime Clean provide quick, thorough, and affordable unattended death cleanup services to assist in returning the involved environment to a safe and inhabitable state.     Body decomposition can be very dangerous to the environment in which it occurs, as well as the physical health of others who expect to utilize the affected area in the future. This is due to the fact that when a body decomposes, the fluids within the body leak onto the surrounding area. This fluid will often times smell very bad and will affect sub-floors, mattresses, clothes, carpet, and other objects within the vicinity of the deceased. 

     We often get asked why can’t you just wipe up the area and “get rid of the smell”.  This is because getting rid of the evidence on the surface does not solve the entire problem. The number one thing you can do to get rid of an odor is to remove the source. While some companies promise to perform a “wipe down” of the surface that will get rid of the problem, this is only a temporary solution. A few weeks or months later the smell returns, and those living in the home afterwards become sick. The proper cleanup must occur from the start and must be handled by experts who understand the complexities of bio-cleaning.

      Additionally, when a body decomposes it begins to attract unwanted insects that ingest the body fluids and transport them through house. This serves to spread the issue outside of the main area. If the heat or A/C is on, particles break down and can become airborne. This will leave a film on floors and walls which will also need to be removed. Body decomposition cleanup is never a simple task or a quick procedure, some simply choose to quit before the job is done. Our experts will never leave a task unfinished, no matter how big the mess becomes.

     Unattended death cleanup is a serious issue that cannot be left in the hands of a novice. Body fluids can contain disease and must be cleaned up thoroughly to be done right. Improper cleaning could lead to eventual bacteria and mold growth, as well as many other potential threats.  We perform every job the correct way, by removing layer after layer of material until we no longer find any bio-matter.

     Many insurance adjusters themselves do not understand why work cannot be done with just a wipe down, and for this reason we take pictures as documentation every step of the way. The process can be slow and tedious but must be done precisely to guarantee the bio-hazards are gone, the technicians are safe, and their exposures are reduced. Spotless Crime Clean is your local, professional bio-cleaning resource for body decomposition and crime scene clean up. We are here for you through this difficult situation.

     To discuss how we can help you with your Decomposition situation, please contact us by clicking "Service Request" below

Spotless Crime Clean is an odor removal provider. Odors can come from many sources in our environment. Some odors are indications of serious bacteria issues that can make you ill. We provide odor removal services using the latest technology. We can neutralize odors at the molecular level leaving your environment fresh and clean.

     We are NOT a mold restoration company and do not claim to be. Some of our equipment will kill the mold but the issue of how mold got there in the first place is one that you will need to consult with a mold removal professional.

     Our odor removal can remedy the following odors;

  • Body Decomposition

  • Cigarette smells

  • Musty smells, remember this may not fix the long-term issue behind the musty smell

  • Smells related to a hoarding situation

  • GI Bleeds

  • Many more

     To discuss how we can help you with your Odor situation, please contact us by clicking "Service Request" below

Odor removal-02-02.png

Odor Removal

Odor Removal
Natural Death Cleanup

 We use industrial strength disinfectant in industrial, electrostatic fogging machines.  The fogging process releases the disinfectant via a mist which settles into every nook and cranny, making your home or business safe and disinfected.

COVID Sanitation-02.png


Covid Sanitation
Natural Death Cleanup-02.png

Natural Death Clean up​

 Spotless Crime Clean provides death cleanup and decontamination services in Central Texas and our services are almost always covered by insurance. There are circumstances when an individual dies naturally in an unpleasant manner.  There can be diseases which cause a person to die naturally such as a GI bleed or any type of hemorrhage causing a loss of body fluids, that requires a professional bio-decontamination cleaning service to come in and makes sure all traces of the death are gone.

     Spotless Crime Clean will eliminate all traces of the death so the remaining loved ones may begin their recovery from their loss. The process is very similar to body composition cleaning.

     To discuss how we can help you with your Natural Death situation, please contact us by clicking "Service Request" below


YES, most insurances covers our services.
The State of Texas almost always pays for all crimes that need our services.


The Texas Crime Victims Compensation Program could assist or pay for our services. Click below to learn more.

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